You have just started studying and are looking for some apps and software tools that will make your student life easier? Look no further. Here is exactly what you were looking for.

We’ve put together some useful tools for you to promote and simplify projects, chores, and team coordination.

With these freewares the entry into the new semester or in your studies should be successful, smoothly and effortlessly.

Photo Math / Wolfram Alpha
“Mathematics as a subject is so serious that one should not miss an opportunity to make it a little more entertaining,” said Blaise Pascal. That’s why we introduce you to two tools that will make your math more entertaining or at least easier. With these two programs, you will become an absolute math pro, they will help you to solve the most difficult tasks and even show you the solution. Photo MathWith the app you can take a photo of the equation at which you stand and the application shows the correct result including the solution. Wolfram AlphaIf a calculator is not enough, try WolframAlpha.Especially in the field of physics, the program is very useful.

Thanks to Trello, you will never miss a deadline again. The digital to-do list not only reminds you of important appointments but also coordinates who-what-when to do with projects with other fellow students, even files can be attached to the tasks.

Google Docs / Dropbox
Sharing is caring. These two ingenious applications greatly facilitate the exchange of documents among fellow students. With cloud web services, documents can be easily stored on a hard drive and accessed from anywhere. Google Docs even allows you to work on a document with your friends at the same time.

Simple PowerPoint presentations are too boring for you? Then try Prezi for your next presentation. This will make your future presentations outstanding and you will cause a stir among the lecturers.

Skype / Discord
Are you sick in bed at home or you do not feel like going to university (or college), but you still want to be a part of the weekly group work discussion? Then use Skype or Discord. The two communication tools are just perfect for meetings from home.

Is the writing of index cards too difficult for you? Then use the app of Quizlet. Quizlet allows you to view, study and edit your index cards anytime, anywhere, without carrying around a lot of luggage. This makes learning languages easy. Even on the train or during long waiting times, you can quickly access the data. Now you can (depending on your mood) learn and repeat your words every free minute.

XODO / OneNote
With these two awesome applications, you can playfully edit PDF documents. Thus, you will never forget or lose your notes, as well as comments from the lecturer. It is also possible to highlight and mark important passages with different colors. It will certainly be a great help, for example towards the end of the semester, to prepare you for the upcoming exams. For more great tips and tricks just read the upcoming posts and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

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