Time for some student hacks! Life is tough with so many obstacles on the way to ensure that you suffer enough. Being a Student doesn’t really help you with your current situation either. (At least for now) We’ve got 9 hot hacks to make your student life more enjoyable or bearable, to say the least.

# 1 Save where you can. Especially when it comes to cooking.

First things first: you can bake two pizzas on a baking sheet if you cut them in half. Only suckers need two baking trays.

# 2 Use all discounts

Students can benefit from a huge number of discounts just by asking for them. Along with the standard question “Do you have student discounts?”, you can always check the student shops, browse student newspapers, and subscribe to the online newsletters of your university. Keep a lookout for those vouchers and free events! Sometimes there might be an aperitif where you can dust off free snacks and best of all free alcohol!

# 3 Cardboard boxes are the way to go

If you’re a poor student (like me) and it’s time again for take-out food like a pizza most likely you’ll get it in a cardboard box. You just hit the jackpot. (Not just because of the Pizza) There’s so much you can do with cardboard.

A Shovel


Smartphone Speakers

And if this was too experimental for you, just use your cereal box to store things because you’re a hoarder.

# 4 Reimagine your living room

You don’t necessarily need a table to play Beer Pong with your mates at the next house party. Just be creative, here’s a solution:

# 5 Coordinate your power naps

A midday nap can give you the energy to get through the day, shorten your reaction time and reduce the risk of heart attacks. About 20 minutes of snoozing is optimal.

Many universities offer special rooms for the power nap you deserve. If can’t find one just lay on a bench like this gentleman.

# 6 Tortilla plate

Do you find doing the dishes is too exhausting? High five, we hate it too! Just take a tortilla, put your food in it and voila, you have a plate. Also, you can eat it and don’t have to worry about washing it later.

# 7 Forget your pen and find friends

Apart from the fact that you rarely need it, forced borrowing of a pen is a great opportunity to meet nice and organized people who will remind you of your deadlines later. Ask for a pen here, some small talk there and BOOM! You just found your new BFF.

# 8 Laptop fix

Your laptop is probably the most important companion for your studies. Unfortunately, new laptops are expensive and cheaper versions are on the verge of uselessness. Therefore, keep your laptop alive as long as possible.

Prevent Overheating

Bonus Hacks

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