Please introduce yourself quickly. What / where do you study, in which semester and why?
3rd semester University of Zurich – Banking & Finance – Zurich is the only place in Switzerland, where you can choose banking as a major subject in the Bachelor. In addition, the choice between economics, business administration and banking was not at all difficult for me …

Dean: Physiotherapy at the Thim van der Laan in Landquart in the 1st semester. Because I am extremely interested in dealing with the body and I would like to help people physically.

Eva: I am studying Multimedia Production at the HTW Chur in the 5th semester. I chose Multimedia Production because I want to do something with media and I have the best opportunities through the field of study.

Before graduating, you certainly had an idea of what student life and studying would be like. Have these ideas come true, where have you been wrong?

Tim: The university is huge and sometimes very impersonal, because you are sitting in a lecture room with hundreds of people. It is probably a wishful thinking that everyone  knows everyone and everybody meets regularly to party.

Dean: It’s actually pretty much the way I wanted it to be. But I have imagined more free time. We have to learn a lot in the very beginning.

Eva: Wow, that was so long ago. Next question.

Studying is always a budget issue. What are you doing to save money? Or are you not interested in the topic? #Maximilian

Tim: CHF 5.40 Mensa Menu for the win!

Dean: I always plan my purchases. In addition, I will work in the winter part time in the gastro area. This in order to not depend on others.

Eva: Instead of expensive cocktail there is beer and I also take food from home with me. Additionally, I buy clothes on sale.

Where do you see the pros and cons of your institutes?

Tim: At the university you can take a lot of different courses and have competent specialists and degrees everywhere, which have enormous prestige. You can also choose a few minor subjects, additional subjects and external sports offers which is quite cool.

Dean: One advantage is that it is very familiar. We know each other and also the lecturers. But what I mind is that our library is not one of the official libraries. That means we can not order some literature directly.

Eva: One advantage is that the university is very innovative and you can make many contacts already during your studies. But the school is disorganized.

Are the prejudices about student life, such as constantly partying, having lots of free time, etc., true in your eyes?

Tim: Until now, more or less, you have a lot of holidays in Zurich, yes. Party well …. they are mostly during the week and when you commute, this is difficult to combine.

Dean: If you plan well, you can certainly enjoy a lot of freetime. But it’s not all gold that glitters.

Eva: Much party yes. Always free time only partial. During the week you often have time off, but you have to do a lot of self-study.

Tell me your best “lame joke”:

Tim: What happens when two balls run around the corner? The one in the middle falls over. (not really my best one… rather my worst one)

Dean: No matter how lit you are, 1000ml are liter.

Eva: What’s the difference between a duck? Both legs are the same length, especially the left one.

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