A couple of weeks ago we asked you on our Instagram story what tv-shows you are watching during the quarantine. You answered and here are the results. This should help everyone in quarantine find something new to watch. Special thanks to the entire StudentHacks community! We received almost 300 replies to our story. Without further ado: here are the top 10 tv-shows for your entertainment!

#10: I Am Not Okay With This

#9: How I Met Your Mother

#8: The Big Bang Theory

#7: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

#6: The 100

#5: Friends

#4: You

#3: On My Block

#2: The Office

#1: Elite

Check out all of the submissions as well as the top 20 most replied tv-shows in this excel sheet.

Before the horror, that is Monday begins, we thought everyone could use one last laugh. This week we put together our 10 dankest student memes! Let us know which memes you enjoyed the most!

#10 Assignments Suck

#9 Memory Loss

#8 The Ultimate Showdown

#7 Time to get creative

#6 Be Smart

#5 Always Late

#4 Broke Students

#3 Mental Health

#2 New Beginnings

#1 Social Skills

Winter Fatigue is here and it’s here to stay! Like every year during this season, the temperatures are at their lowest point, the body is overwhelmed with flu waves and there is a lack of motivation far and wide. The rain and the gloomy weather make it even worse. Another topic that can cause drowsiness and lack of motivation is darkness. You get up in the morning and it’s dark outside. In the evening you get home and guess what… It’s dark outside. But the weather is not the only problem during the winter season. Work and studies are stressful too because it seems like everything has to be done before the new year starts. Deadlines and tasks can finish you off during this time of the year.

A song that will definitely motivate you ??

Cold outside, warm inside – you get sluggish and demotivated

You must be warm now, huh? You’re wearing a sweater or wrapped in a blanket like a burrito. Yes, it’s cozy and can be very pleasant. If you’re honest: you’re pretty lazy right now, aren’t you? If you had to study for university or exams now, you wouldn’t do it because the cushions on the sofa have accepted you as part of the pack. 

Our tip in this case: Remember to ventilate again and again. That means: Let new oxygen into your room. Even if it gets cold for a short time – just do it. With the decreasing oxygen content in your room, you become more and more sluggish, tired and last but not least completely demotivated. (Who ever though that we’d be getting this scientific in our blog)

It gets dark earlier – the body thinks you should go to sleep

Today was a very cloudy and foggy day. My inner feeling tells me: “Actually, you could lie down on the sofa and sleep or watch TV now”. NO!

If it was summer now, then you would probably be outside or you would be sitting at your desk studying. (Let’s get real, you’d probably be at the beach) You wouldn’t be lying on your couch and being unproductive. Basically, the time change and the weather tricks your inner clock. So keep in mind that it’s not bedtime yet, even if it is dark outside. If you have to learn and just can’t make it because the weather confuses you, then there’s a final trick. One possible solution to the problem could be a daylight lamp. The lamp suggests daylight to the body. This in turn leads to more energy and less fatigue. Your friends can be also a great help for motivation dropouts. Call your friends and do something with them. Discuss topics that interest you and which will stimulate your brain. And last but not least, enjoy the Christmas season with a mulled wine (Glühwein) or a hot drink. Afer all Christmas is only once a year! ?

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While a lot of people think that Christmas time is one of the most (if not, the most) beautiful time of the year, some of us actually don’t like Christmas that much (not me, obviously). So let’s all agree, whether you like Christmas or not, it’s a lot of stress. We have spared no effort and searched the entire internet (yep, all of it) for good tips! Just so you can have a peaceful and joyful Christmas. Kidding, kidding. This post is based on a five-minute research. Just like most of our posts on this site, but we bet it’s better than listening to your professor!

Mulled Wine aka Glühwein (or any other alcoholic drink)

Okay first of all, if you are stressed out just treat yourself to a cup (or five) of Glühwein. And remember, since it is Christmas time it is absolutely okay to Glühwine even in the morning. No one will or can judge you. See, sometimes life does let you live your life the way you want.

Finding the perfect outfit for the Christmas Party

Before you panic and search every website and every clothing store for your perfect outfit, confirm that you actually were invited to a party. If you weren’t invited to a party at all, your problem is solved. There is no need to put yourself under the immense pressure and stress of shopping. Simply chill on your couch wearing your most cozy outfit. And maybe, just maybe, treat yourself to some Glühwein. For the poor souls who were invited to one, just wear whatever you wear anyway. What? Who’s gonna be a dick to you during Christmas?

Planning a Christmas gift budget

Here is how you can make sure you don’t spend too much money on Christmas gifts. Simply Plan a Gift budget, and then don’t look at what you have spent until April — or maybe ever. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling bad and that’s not what you want. On a related note, we have a blog post about the perfect gift for students who are low on money. Read more.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

If you haven’t prepared yourself for Christmas (as is the case with me) and are in denial, have a cup of (you’ve guessed it) Glühwein. You’ll be amazed by how little you care. And if for some weird reason none of these extremely helpful tips helped you in any way, here’s a video with the best Christmas Fails. If you do not feel better after this, then you’re beyond help.

Time for some student hacks! Life is tough with so many obstacles on the way to ensure that you suffer enough. Being a Student doesn’t really help you with your current situation either. (At least for now) We’ve got 9 hot hacks to make your student life more enjoyable or bearable, to say the least.

# 1 Save where you can. Especially when it comes to cooking.

First things first: you can bake two pizzas on a baking sheet if you cut them in half. Only suckers need two baking trays.

# 2 Use all discounts

Students can benefit from a huge number of discounts just by asking for them. Along with the standard question “Do you have student discounts?”, you can always check the student shops, browse student newspapers, and subscribe to the online newsletters of your university. Keep a lookout for those vouchers and free events! Sometimes there might be an aperitif where you can dust off free snacks and best of all free alcohol!

# 3 Cardboard boxes are the way to go

If you’re a poor student (like me) and it’s time again for take-out food like a pizza most likely you’ll get it in a cardboard box. You just hit the jackpot. (Not just because of the Pizza) There’s so much you can do with cardboard.

A Shovel


Smartphone Speakers

And if this was too experimental for you, just use your cereal box to store things because you’re a hoarder.

# 4 Reimagine your living room

You don’t necessarily need a table to play Beer Pong with your mates at the next house party. Just be creative, here’s a solution:

# 5 Coordinate your power naps

A midday nap can give you the energy to get through the day, shorten your reaction time and reduce the risk of heart attacks. About 20 minutes of snoozing is optimal.

Many universities offer special rooms for the power nap you deserve. If can’t find one just lay on a bench like this gentleman.

# 6 Tortilla plate

Do you find doing the dishes is too exhausting? High five, we hate it too! Just take a tortilla, put your food in it and voila, you have a plate. Also, you can eat it and don’t have to worry about washing it later.

# 7 Forget your pen and find friends

Apart from the fact that you rarely need it, forced borrowing of a pen is a great opportunity to meet nice and organized people who will remind you of your deadlines later. Ask for a pen here, some small talk there and BOOM! You just found your new BFF.

# 8 Laptop fix

Your laptop is probably the most important companion for your studies. Unfortunately, new laptops are expensive and cheaper versions are on the verge of uselessness. Therefore, keep your laptop alive as long as possible.

Prevent Overheating

Bonus Hacks

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I think we all know the following situation. A new semester starts and every Professor seems to think that a Group Project is exactly the right thing to spice up his lecture. You’ll end up with a sh*tload of Group Projects. Here are some reasons why they are the worst.

You are always the one who has to do everything.

Since you know exactly what you want and have certain standards you’re usually the one who will take over the project. Since the others realize that you took over, they step back a little. It’s a circle of evil. Damn.

Finding a convenient Time for everyone seems to be impossible.

Why does everybody have a full agenda when it comes to planning meetings for your assignments? What are you guys a CEO of a fortune 500 company, who has to rush from meeting to meeting?

You always have to tell everybody exactly what to do.

It seems as if nobody has the slightest clue of what they are doing (even though they know exactly what they are doing). It’s like working with dogs. If you don’t tell them EXACTLY what to do, they will do whatever they want. But Dogs are at least cute!

There’s always the one who offers to do just the presentation.

I gotta be honest with you. That’s me. I am the one who will do the presentation but nothing more. Writing pages for the assignment? Not my problem, I did the presentation.

Suddenly your Group Members don’t answer your Messages anymore. Coincidentally right before the assignment is due.

It’s the night before the assignment is due. You are asking questions in the group chat. Nobody answers them. It seems like they all lost their phones at the same time…Coincidence? I think not.

You notice that everybody has a different writing style.

That’s a thing you first realize when proofreading the assignment. Everybody has a different writing style. Some write better and some write worse and that would be okay if only the writing style of your group mates wouldn’t suck that bad. You’ll end up rewriting the whole assignment once again.

Let’s be honest. The whole assignment will be done the night before the due date.

As long as you and your group mates don’t feel the pressure of the due date, you don’t really do anything. Look on the Brightside. Diamonds form only under extreme pressure as well.

I feel the need to let you guys know, that I really like working with my Mates on Group Projects. I mean they suck too when it comes to the points above. But that’s okay because I kinda suck as well. At least we all suck the same amount…

First of all, if we were BuzzFeed the title of this post would be: “10 random facts that will leave you speechless. You will never guess the seventh one!”. But we are not. Our posts don’t need clickbait. (hopefully)


You are probably sitting in a lecture hall right now and the lecture is once again kinda boring. The lecturer is talking about some theory which you have never heard of before… So what now? You have two options. The first option is, obviously, to pull yourself together and finally start to pay attention. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? The second option is to read this blog post about some weird random facts, which are admittedly completely useless. But we both know which option you’re going to choose. So may we present to you some completely redundant, useless and ridiculous facts that will bring you nothing (honestly nothing at all) in your life.


  1. A strawberry is not actually a berry, but a banana is.
  2. Sharks are the only fish that can blink with both eyes.
  3. The Human eyes never grow, but nose and ears never stop growing.
  4. God is the only Simpsons character to have five fingers on each hand.
  5. If you blow air up an Armadillo’s butt, it causes it to jump three feet into the air. Don’t ask how they figured this out.
  6. Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants.
  7. The word “spaghetti” is actually plural. Each piece of pasta is called a “spaghetto”.
  8. There are no Mosquitos in Iceland at all.
  9. The inventor of liquid soap became paralyzed after slipping in the shower.
  10. This Blog Post was written during a boring lecture.


Oh btw, we didn’t “fact check” these, so most likely a lot of them are fake news. But it’s still better than your boring lecture…

Please introduce yourself quickly. What / where do you study, in which semester and why?
3rd semester University of Zurich – Banking & Finance – Zurich is the only place in Switzerland, where you can choose banking as a major subject in the Bachelor. In addition, the choice between economics, business administration and banking was not at all difficult for me …

Dean: Physiotherapy at the Thim van der Laan in Landquart in the 1st semester. Because I am extremely interested in dealing with the body and I would like to help people physically.

Eva: I am studying Multimedia Production at the HTW Chur in the 5th semester. I chose Multimedia Production because I want to do something with media and I have the best opportunities through the field of study.

Before graduating, you certainly had an idea of what student life and studying would be like. Have these ideas come true, where have you been wrong?

Tim: The university is huge and sometimes very impersonal, because you are sitting in a lecture room with hundreds of people. It is probably a wishful thinking that everyone  knows everyone and everybody meets regularly to party.

Dean: It’s actually pretty much the way I wanted it to be. But I have imagined more free time. We have to learn a lot in the very beginning.

Eva: Wow, that was so long ago. Next question.

Studying is always a budget issue. What are you doing to save money? Or are you not interested in the topic? #Maximilian

Tim: CHF 5.40 Mensa Menu for the win!

Dean: I always plan my purchases. In addition, I will work in the winter part time in the gastro area. This in order to not depend on others.

Eva: Instead of expensive cocktail there is beer and I also take food from home with me. Additionally, I buy clothes on sale.

Where do you see the pros and cons of your institutes?

Tim: At the university you can take a lot of different courses and have competent specialists and degrees everywhere, which have enormous prestige. You can also choose a few minor subjects, additional subjects and external sports offers which is quite cool.

Dean: One advantage is that it is very familiar. We know each other and also the lecturers. But what I mind is that our library is not one of the official libraries. That means we can not order some literature directly.

Eva: One advantage is that the university is very innovative and you can make many contacts already during your studies. But the school is disorganized.

Are the prejudices about student life, such as constantly partying, having lots of free time, etc., true in your eyes?

Tim: Until now, more or less, you have a lot of holidays in Zurich, yes. Party well …. they are mostly during the week and when you commute, this is difficult to combine.

Dean: If you plan well, you can certainly enjoy a lot of freetime. But it’s not all gold that glitters.

Eva: Much party yes. Always free time only partial. During the week you often have time off, but you have to do a lot of self-study.

Tell me your best “lame joke”:

Tim: What happens when two balls run around the corner? The one in the middle falls over. (not really my best one… rather my worst one)

Dean: No matter how lit you are, 1000ml are liter.

Eva: What’s the difference between a duck? Both legs are the same length, especially the left one.