We got an Input via our Instagram DM’s and wanted to share this sneaky Tip with you guys. This hack is for those of us who are lazy to keep up in class. So Yana suggested a method to pretend like you were actually listening to the lecturer

Thank you to @ianushka_danilova. We really appreciate these inputs and hope for many more to come.


Hi, I wanted to share with you some student lifehacks. Concerning the meaningless diagrams to make an impression of hard work.

1) Write the word „vision“ and circle it. Remind your team that all you do should pass to whole vision

2) draw a triangle with a raw and ask “are we focusing on the right point?”

3) draw a bucket and call it a “funnel”. Say: “we should find out the best way for optimal customers selection”

4) draw a line with dashes, write “now” and “go” on the ends of it. People will think you are good in long-term strategy

5) draw a hockey stick in the coordinate axis and a circle on the break point. Ask: “what we should do to provide such a sharp rise of income?”

6) Write some words like „data“, „money“ and draw some random circles or any bullshit, connect them all with lines. Ask: „could we just connect everything as I’ve just done it?“

And a million others…

Have a nice day :))) I like your blog!


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