While a lot of people think that Christmas time is one of the most (if not, the most) beautiful time of the year, some of us actually don’t like Christmas that much (not me, obviously). So let’s all agree, whether you like Christmas or not, it’s a lot of stress. We have spared no effort and searched the entire internet (yep, all of it) for good tips! Just so you can have a peaceful and joyful Christmas. Kidding, kidding. This post is based on a five-minute research. Just like most of our posts on this site, but we bet it’s better than listening to your professor!

Mulled Wine aka Glühwein (or any other alcoholic drink)

Okay first of all, if you are stressed out just treat yourself to a cup (or five) of Glühwein. And remember, since it is Christmas time it is absolutely okay to Glühwine even in the morning. No one will or can judge you. See, sometimes life does let you live your life the way you want.

Finding the perfect outfit for the Christmas Party

Before you panic and search every website and every clothing store for your perfect outfit, confirm that you actually were invited to a party. If you weren’t invited to a party at all, your problem is solved. There is no need to put yourself under the immense pressure and stress of shopping. Simply chill on your couch wearing your most cozy outfit. And maybe, just maybe, treat yourself to some Glühwein. For the poor souls who were invited to one, just wear whatever you wear anyway. What? Who’s gonna be a dick to you during Christmas?

Planning a Christmas gift budget

Here is how you can make sure you don’t spend too much money on Christmas gifts. Simply Plan a Gift budget, and then don’t look at what you have spent until April — or maybe ever. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling bad and that’s not what you want. On a related note, we have a blog post about the perfect gift for students who are low on money. Read more.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

If you haven’t prepared yourself for Christmas (as is the case with me) and are in denial, have a cup of (you’ve guessed it) Glühwein. You’ll be amazed by how little you care. And if for some weird reason none of these extremely helpful tips helped you in any way, here’s a video with the best Christmas Fails. If you do not feel better after this, then you’re beyond help.

The Problem

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t bought your Christmas presents yet. You probably have no clue what to make or buy. Giving away self-made-coupons is somehow not acceptable anymore. (Had to find that out the hard way) And if you are studying, you might be tight on cash (jk, we know you’re broke, high five). So buying expensive gifts is definitely not an option. I gathered my superpowers to guide you through the toughest part of Christmas.

The supposed solution

One option is to make your presents yourself. But since I am not Neil Buchanan from Art Attack (Sick reference, I know) I had no idea what to make. So once again I searched the mighty internet for some inspiration. I was looking for the easiest and quickest DIY gifts. After all, I am a busy man and have other things to do (watching Netflix for example).

The Setback

I wanted to make a list of the best homemade gifts for you guys. But somehow, I was too lazy to read all these articles. There’s a ton of websites who all claim to have the best ideas. Honestly, most of them are either absolute crap, hard to make or you need an incredible amount of stuff to make them. Okay, I gotta admit, the main problem is that I am an absolute buffoon when it comes to anything handmade.

The Salvation

I came across a Youtube Video that even I understood, chances are you will too. So I guess I saved Christmas!

The Bonus

For all former Art Attack fans here is a Christmas special with Neil Buchanan.

Are you wasting time and want to start studying? We’ve got your back! Read More.

# 1 The financial table

For the business students among us, planning finances shouldn’t be too difficult. As you know, the easiest way to get your finances under control is to create an Excel spreadsheet and get all the predictable fixed costs and revenues. If the parties during the weekend turned out to be a bit more excessive than planned, with our budget planner you can see at a glance how bad your financial state currently is. ? To save you the time to create a budget planner yourself, we have already found one for you. You can download the budget planner right here. 

# 2 The little helpful note

Who goes through this problem? You’re going out with your friends in the city and you see something that you really want to buy. Without much thought, you buy things you can’t afford according to the budget planner. You are not alone! We also had to deal with this situation more than once. To make it easier in the future we have come up with a work around. Just before your next visit to the city, put a little note in your wallet asking “Do you really need that?”. You will see even at the first temptation this little piece of paper will work wonders!

# 3 discounts and reductions

Certain things are indispensable for us students. For some it’s music, for others it’s classic series like Breaking Bad or La casa de papel. Studying does not always allow luxury. Lack of money and sacrifice of cool things due to your financial state can quickly lead to bad mood. In order to keep you uplifted and happy, we’ve got a new Discount!

Apple Music

Apple offers you discounts in many ways! (I know, I know. It’s still really expensive) Do you already have  Apple Music? Or are you looking for a streaming service? Apple has a student subscription, which will save you a ton of money! 

If you study at a college or university, you can become an Apple Music member for a discounted subscription price for up to 48 months (4 years). You can pause the membership in between. Instead of $ 9.99 / mo. as a student you only pay $ 4.99 / mo.! Find out more here: Click here

With these small but helpful tips, you will have more money for booze and parties or other things you need in your life!

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