VIDA MAP is a functional life map designed to help you manage your work-life balance. VIDA map helps you surface clarity, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and build momentum towards your long-term goals.

CLARITY – VIDA map keeps your long-term goals in the forefront so that you can tackle each day with confidence and clarity. It gives you the ability to know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

BALANCE – Cultivating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is at the center of VIDA map’s design. Its unique balance in view system is integrated throughout the entire map.

MOMENTUM – Its unique combination of designs causes the VIDA map system to help any user build powerful momentum towards their long-term goals. VIDA map does this by helping users achieve small wins daily, weekly, and monthly.

6 Reasons to get VIDA map:

VIDA map helps you to see when you need to care for YOU on a deeper level before you crash.
VIDA map takes your long-term goals and breaks them down to the day so you know you’re making progress every day.
VIDA map gives you the ability to track your mini-habits weekly.
VIDA map comes with blank lined pages for journaling as well (there are dotted pages as well!)
VIDA map is designed to help you surface the most important tasks and do those first and then focus on other this.
Almost forgot, VIDA map is also a planner. You can plan your ENTIRE day with VIDA map.

● VIDA map is built on a ROLES & GOALS system. Bringing together the four key areas in life (Personal, Family, Social, and Career) and using those roles to give context to your long-term goals in each area. The map is optimized to help every user tackle each day with clarity, maintain healthy life balance, and build powerful momentum towards your goals.
● VIDA map designed specifically for people with non-traditional or overwhelming schedules. This includes working moms, small business owners, college students, and more.
● During the Kickstarter Campaign VIDA map will be available for a steal at $25 USD and ofter the campaign VIDA map will be available for only $35 USD. (VIDA map is a 100% Kickstarter project and does not have the support of a large cooperation, which means they are dependent on their backers and supporters to help bring VIDA map to actualization. Every support is greatly appreciated.
● To support this project please visit their Kickstarter Campaign


We have tasks that we enjoy doing and ones we don’t. And when the time comes to do those tasks, we often find ourselves on Instagram or YouTube in five minutes after start. Because of procrastination, we can waste a lot of time doing the things we not intended to do in the first place. 

As a computer science student, I found the way to beat procrastination – Pomodoro technique. The main idea is setting a timer and doing your job in distraction-free mode. I was obsessed with this technique for three years so recently I decided to build a Pomodoro web app that pays attention to small details – Here you can set the timer and will be notified when your set finished, as you progress through the day timeline will show how much time you spend doing actual deep work. If you want to organize tasks into projects and see detailed statistics of days, weeks and month you can check If you have questions or want to give feedback feel free to contact me. Good luck with studying!

Finding the perfect study music can be challenging. Worry no more! We’ve got your back!

Getting in the Mood

Getting into the right mood to study is really hard. We often tend to procrastinate and waste endless hours doing everything else but the task itself. I tend to clean my room right before the exam, which I never ever think of doing any other time.

Picking the right Genre

Anyway, let’s get to it. Music is very personal and it depends on your preferred genre. For me personally the further I get away from my preferred genre, which is Techno the better I study. For whatever reason, I get caught up in the music and get distracted by the music I like listening to. You start singing along, whistling to the familiar melody and lose focus. Clearly, by finding another genre than you preferred one doesn’t mean you should listen to something you hate. The way I go about it is, I find something with almost no vocals so I can’t sing along and songs that are generally quite long.

Same Music, Same Behaviour

The playlist I personally use is on Spotify and you can find the link below. I have also noticed, that every time I start listening to these tracks I get into the “study mood” faster than usual. It’s also noteworthy that I listen to this playlist only for tasks that require more concentration. Any other time, I’ll be jamming to my favorite Techno or Drum & Bass playlist.

Because music is very taste oriented and I just can’t put one list up that will suit everyone’s preference. I have added a couple of playlists that helped focus and get on with my tasks. If you would like to submit your own playlist, send us a message and we will update this blog page and give a shoutout to your Instagram! I tried to include a playlist of every major platform, so there’s something for everyone.


Chillhop is an awesome YouTube channel that has…well chill hip hop music. Something I personally like about the videos on this channel, you don’t have the option to pick or skip any tracks. This means less procrastinating and more focusing.

If the vocal lovers amoung you were looking for some study music, check out Majestic Casual! They have a variety of genres with vocals! They also have different playlists on their YouTube channel, so just hit play and start studying!

If you have a Spotify subscription, you must follow Deep Focus. Personally, I use it every time I need to concentrate and this gets me back in the mood to focus.

For those of you who use Apple music, try Study Beats!

Last not but not least we have a Soundcloud Playlist with almost 500 tracks that should get you through your study sessions.

No money and haven’t got a gift for Christmas? We’ve got your back! Read More.

Winter Fatigue is here and it’s here to stay! Like every year during this season, the temperatures are at their lowest point, the body is overwhelmed with flu waves and there is a lack of motivation far and wide. The rain and the gloomy weather make it even worse. Another topic that can cause drowsiness and lack of motivation is darkness. You get up in the morning and it’s dark outside. In the evening you get home and guess what… It’s dark outside. But the weather is not the only problem during the winter season. Work and studies are stressful too because it seems like everything has to be done before the new year starts. Deadlines and tasks can finish you off during this time of the year.

A song that will definitely motivate you ??

Cold outside, warm inside – you get sluggish and demotivated

You must be warm now, huh? You’re wearing a sweater or wrapped in a blanket like a burrito. Yes, it’s cozy and can be very pleasant. If you’re honest: you’re pretty lazy right now, aren’t you? If you had to study for university or exams now, you wouldn’t do it because the cushions on the sofa have accepted you as part of the pack. 

Our tip in this case: Remember to ventilate again and again. That means: Let new oxygen into your room. Even if it gets cold for a short time – just do it. With the decreasing oxygen content in your room, you become more and more sluggish, tired and last but not least completely demotivated. (Who ever though that we’d be getting this scientific in our blog)

It gets dark earlier – the body thinks you should go to sleep

Today was a very cloudy and foggy day. My inner feeling tells me: “Actually, you could lie down on the sofa and sleep or watch TV now”. NO!

If it was summer now, then you would probably be outside or you would be sitting at your desk studying. (Let’s get real, you’d probably be at the beach) You wouldn’t be lying on your couch and being unproductive. Basically, the time change and the weather tricks your inner clock. So keep in mind that it’s not bedtime yet, even if it is dark outside. If you have to learn and just can’t make it because the weather confuses you, then there’s a final trick. One possible solution to the problem could be a daylight lamp. The lamp suggests daylight to the body. This in turn leads to more energy and less fatigue. Your friends can be also a great help for motivation dropouts. Call your friends and do something with them. Discuss topics that interest you and which will stimulate your brain. And last but not least, enjoy the Christmas season with a mulled wine (Glühwein) or a hot drink. Afer all Christmas is only once a year! ?

Tired of searching for the perfect music to help you focus? We’ve got your back! Read more.

You have received a 200-page script in one of your lecture, which is anything but understandable. Whether you or your classmates have the slightest clue about what the professor is on about. But you all know it will be relevant for the upcoming exam. So you give yourself a pep talk and find the last drops of motivation left in you to read the script. You’re on page 30 and forget what you read on the previous 29 pages already. Yet you still keep going. The thought that you might be wasting a lot of time won’t cross your mind even once. You feel like you’re doing something, which leads to you feeling better about your previous situation, but you’re not being productive whatsoever. If this reminds you of your current situation, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there.

Today we’ll help you start studying and avoid a mental breakdown like these poor soldiers had to go through. ?

How do we break this behavior and start studying?

Maybe you’ve noticed that visual communication is a huge part of our world. Step outside your house and you see boards with arrows and instructions. Or just look at YouTube, most videos you watch after your lecture (because you didn’t understand a word in class) use visual communication. Big Images, Arrows & Icons. All these things help us understand complicated topics without the hassle. Just staring at long paragraphs of summaries can get boring and overwhelming. Try to break down the information on your summary with visual elements. This method will even help you memorize your scripts quicker because you will spend some time trying to figure out the best method to visualize what you read in your script. Try it out and let us know if it has helped you!

Don’t get lost in the jungle of information!

Most scripts are packed with loads of information. You might feel stressed just from thinking about how many hours you will have to invest. But WAIT before you jump in head first, go through the table of content and think about which topics will actually be relevant. If you weren’t sleeping the whole semester, you might remember a thing or two that your professor mentioned. Also, don’t forget to go through old exams, topics you find there could be relevant to your exam as well. Remember, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes!

With these two hacks, you will back on track to acing your exams!

This week we came across an awesome app which will help you keep your study sessions productive. Exams are right around the corner and we know that all of us can use a productivity boost. Not only will you be finishing your work, but you will receive rewards for your accomplishments. Anything to finish those papers!

Hatch App

“The minute I start my homework, I have to have my phone by me to see what my friends are texting. It’s like someone is constantly tapping you on the shoulder and you have to look,” Sophia, grade 12.

It’s harder than ever to stay focused today. The average high school senior spends 7 hours a day looking at screens, including 2 1/2 hours a day texting alone. The average student now checks their phone more than 80 times a day! As screen times increase each year, it’s important for students to use technology to support executive functioning skills.

This is where Hatch comes in. ?

Hatch is a new app for students who need a little extra motivation to put their phones down. Set the timer and stay focused (either on the real world or their work) to hatch a new, digital friend. Leave the app to do anything else, the mystery creature doesn’t hatch. The longer you stay focused, the better chance you’ll have at rare or limited edition creature.

During or after each focus session, you can even create a note outlining your accomplishment! ??

As a bonus feature, you can also stream radio from college music, the top lo-fi beats radio station among students. If students like having background music while they study, this is a great feature to use without the distractions of Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube. ??

You have just started studying and are looking for some apps and software tools that will make your student life easier? Look no further. Here is exactly what you were looking for.

We’ve put together some useful tools for you to promote and simplify projects, chores, and team coordination.

With these freewares the entry into the new semester or in your studies should be successful, smoothly and effortlessly.

Photo Math / Wolfram Alpha
“Mathematics as a subject is so serious that one should not miss an opportunity to make it a little more entertaining,” said Blaise Pascal. That’s why we introduce you to two tools that will make your math more entertaining or at least easier. With these two programs, you will become an absolute math pro, they will help you to solve the most difficult tasks and even show you the solution. Photo MathWith the app you can take a photo of the equation at which you stand and the application shows the correct result including the solution. Wolfram AlphaIf a calculator is not enough, try WolframAlpha.Especially in the field of physics, the program is very useful.

Thanks to Trello, you will never miss a deadline again. The digital to-do list not only reminds you of important appointments but also coordinates who-what-when to do with projects with other fellow students, even files can be attached to the tasks.

Google Docs / Dropbox
Sharing is caring. These two ingenious applications greatly facilitate the exchange of documents among fellow students. With cloud web services, documents can be easily stored on a hard drive and accessed from anywhere. Google Docs even allows you to work on a document with your friends at the same time.

Simple PowerPoint presentations are too boring for you? Then try Prezi for your next presentation. This will make your future presentations outstanding and you will cause a stir among the lecturers.

Skype / Discord
Are you sick in bed at home or you do not feel like going to university (or college), but you still want to be a part of the weekly group work discussion? Then use Skype or Discord. The two communication tools are just perfect for meetings from home.

Is the writing of index cards too difficult for you? Then use the app of Quizlet. Quizlet allows you to view, study and edit your index cards anytime, anywhere, without carrying around a lot of luggage. This makes learning languages easy. Even on the train or during long waiting times, you can quickly access the data. Now you can (depending on your mood) learn and repeat your words every free minute.

XODO / OneNote
With these two awesome applications, you can playfully edit PDF documents. Thus, you will never forget or lose your notes, as well as comments from the lecturer. It is also possible to highlight and mark important passages with different colors. It will certainly be a great help, for example towards the end of the semester, to prepare you for the upcoming exams. For more great tips and tricks just read the upcoming posts and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

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