The Problem

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t bought your Christmas presents yet. You probably have no clue what to make or buy. Giving away self-made-coupons is somehow not acceptable anymore. (Had to find that out the hard way) And if you are studying, you might be tight on cash (jk, we know you’re broke, high five). So buying expensive gifts is definitely not an option. I gathered my superpowers to guide you through the toughest part of Christmas.

The supposed solution

One option is to make your presents yourself. But since I am not Neil Buchanan from Art Attack (Sick reference, I know) I had no idea what to make. So once again I searched the mighty internet for some inspiration. I was looking for the easiest and quickest DIY gifts. After all, I am a busy man and have other things to do (watching Netflix for example).

The Setback

I wanted to make a list of the best homemade gifts for you guys. But somehow, I was too lazy to read all these articles. There’s a ton of websites who all claim to have the best ideas. Honestly, most of them are either absolute crap, hard to make or you need an incredible amount of stuff to make them. Okay, I gotta admit, the main problem is that I am an absolute buffoon when it comes to anything handmade.

The Salvation

I came across a Youtube Video that even I understood, chances are you will too. So I guess I saved Christmas!

The Bonus

For all former Art Attack fans here is a Christmas special with Neil Buchanan.

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