We have tasks that we enjoy doing and ones we don’t. And when the time comes to do those tasks, we often find ourselves on Instagram or YouTube in five minutes after start. Because of procrastination, we can waste a lot of time doing the things we not intended to do in the first place. 

As a computer science student, I found the way to beat procrastination – Pomodoro technique. The main idea is setting a timer and doing your job in distraction-free mode. I was obsessed with this technique for three years so recently I decided to build a Pomodoro web app that pays attention to small details – pomodoro.increaser.org. Here you can set the timer and will be notified when your set finished, as you progress through the day timeline will show how much time you spend doing actual deep work. If you want to organize tasks into projects and see detailed statistics of days, weeks and month you can check increaser.org. If you have questions or want to give feedback feel free to contact me. Good luck with studying!