Finding the perfect study music can be challenging. Worry no more! We’ve got your back!

Getting in the Mood

Getting into the right mood to study is really hard. We often tend to procrastinate and waste endless hours doing everything else but the task itself. I tend to clean my room right before the exam, which I never ever think of doing any other time.

Picking the right Genre

Anyway, let’s get to it. Music is very personal and it depends on your preferred genre. For me personally the further I get away from my preferred genre, which is Techno the better I study. For whatever reason, I get caught up in the music and get distracted by the music I like listening to. You start singing along, whistling to the familiar melody and lose focus. Clearly, by finding another genre than you preferred one doesn’t mean you should listen to something you hate. The way I go about it is, I find something with almost no vocals so I can’t sing along and songs that are generally quite long.

Same Music, Same Behaviour

The playlist I personally use is on Spotify and you can find the link below. I have also noticed, that every time I start listening to these tracks I get into the “study mood” faster than usual. It’s also noteworthy that I listen to this playlist only for tasks that require more concentration. Any other time, I’ll be jamming to my favorite Techno or Drum & Bass playlist.

Because music is very taste oriented and I just can’t put one list up that will suit everyone’s preference. I have added a couple of playlists that helped focus and get on with my tasks. If you would like to submit your own playlist, send us a message and we will update this blog page and give a shoutout to your Instagram! I tried to include a playlist of every major platform, so there’s something for everyone.


Chillhop is an awesome YouTube channel that has…well chill hip hop music. Something I personally like about the videos on this channel, you don’t have the option to pick or skip any tracks. This means less procrastinating and more focusing.

If the vocal lovers amoung you were looking for some study music, check out Majestic Casual! They have a variety of genres with vocals! They also have different playlists on their YouTube channel, so just hit play and start studying!

If you have a Spotify subscription, you must follow Deep Focus. Personally, I use it every time I need to concentrate and this gets me back in the mood to focus.

For those of you who use Apple music, try Study Beats!

Last not but not least we have a Soundcloud Playlist with almost 500 tracks that should get you through your study sessions.

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