I think we all know the following situation. A new semester starts and every Professor seems to think that a Group Project is exactly the right thing to spice up his lecture. You’ll end up with a sh*tload of Group Projects. Here are some reasons why they are the worst.

You are always the one who has to do everything.

Since you know exactly what you want and have certain standards you’re usually the one who will take over the project. Since the others realize that you took over, they step back a little. It’s a circle of evil. Damn.

Finding a convenient Time for everyone seems to be impossible.

Why does everybody have a full agenda when it comes to planning meetings for your assignments? What are you guys a CEO of a fortune 500 company, who has to rush from meeting to meeting?

You always have to tell everybody exactly what to do.

It seems as if nobody has the slightest clue of what they are doing (even though they know exactly what they are doing). It’s like working with dogs. If you don’t tell them EXACTLY what to do, they will do whatever they want. But Dogs are at least cute!

There’s always the one who offers to do just the presentation.

I gotta be honest with you. That’s me. I am the one who will do the presentation but nothing more. Writing pages for the assignment? Not my problem, I did the presentation.

Suddenly your Group Members don’t answer your Messages anymore. Coincidentally right before the assignment is due.

It’s the night before the assignment is due. You are asking questions in the group chat. Nobody answers them. It seems like they all lost their phones at the same time…Coincidence? I think not.

You notice that everybody has a different writing style.

That’s a thing you first realize when proofreading the assignment. Everybody has a different writing style. Some write better and some write worse and that would be okay if only the writing style of your group mates wouldn’t suck that bad. You’ll end up rewriting the whole assignment once again.

Let’s be honest. The whole assignment will be done the night before the due date.

As long as you and your group mates don’t feel the pressure of the due date, you don’t really do anything. Look on the Brightside. Diamonds form only under extreme pressure as well.

I feel the need to let you guys know, that I really like working with my Mates on Group Projects. I mean they suck too when it comes to the points above. But that’s okay because I kinda suck as well. At least we all suck the same amount…