Winter Fatigue is here and it’s here to stay! Like every year during this season, the temperatures are at their lowest point, the body is overwhelmed with flu waves and there is a lack of motivation far and wide. The rain and the gloomy weather make it even worse. Another topic that can cause drowsiness and lack of motivation is darkness. You get up in the morning and it’s dark outside. In the evening you get home and guess what… It’s dark outside. But the weather is not the only problem during the winter season. Work and studies are stressful too because it seems like everything has to be done before the new year starts. Deadlines and tasks can finish you off during this time of the year.

A song that will definitely motivate you 😜🎅

Cold outside, warm inside – you get sluggish and demotivated

You must be warm now, huh? You’re wearing a sweater or wrapped in a blanket like a burrito. Yes, it’s cozy and can be very pleasant. If you’re honest: you’re pretty lazy right now, aren’t you? If you had to study for university or exams now, you wouldn’t do it because the cushions on the sofa have accepted you as part of the pack. 

Our tip in this case: Remember to ventilate again and again. That means: Let new oxygen into your room. Even if it gets cold for a short time – just do it. With the decreasing oxygen content in your room, you become more and more sluggish, tired and last but not least completely demotivated. (Who ever though that we’d be getting this scientific in our blog)

It gets dark earlier – the body thinks you should go to sleep

Today was a very cloudy and foggy day. My inner feeling tells me: “Actually, you could lie down on the sofa and sleep or watch TV now”. NO!

If it was summer now, then you would probably be outside or you would be sitting at your desk studying. (Let’s get real, you’d probably be at the beach) You wouldn’t be lying on your couch and being unproductive. Basically, the time change and the weather tricks your inner clock. So keep in mind that it’s not bedtime yet, even if it is dark outside. If you have to learn and just can’t make it because the weather confuses you, then there’s a final trick. One possible solution to the problem could be a daylight lamp. The lamp suggests daylight to the body. This in turn leads to more energy and less fatigue. Your friends can be also a great help for motivation dropouts. Call your friends and do something with them. Discuss topics that interest you and which will stimulate your brain. And last but not least, enjoy the Christmas season with a mulled wine (Glühwein) or a hot drink. Afer all Christmas is only once a year! 🎅

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